Trask Triangle
Trask Triangle
Trask Triangle


"Life on the outside of The Triangle is an exciting experience of constant rewards, which is how life was designed to be.

This Triangular model shows how a progression of standard feelings and attitudes lead us along paths of either increasing spiritual growth (outside) or decreasing personal power (inside). At the corners we make choices that lead us to either empowerment and enlightenment or helplessness and confusion. Inside or outside? - that is the choice. On the outside are steps that progressively improve our lives; on the inside, steps that progressively erode our personal power. On the outside we learn to accept fear and to experience it as a pure energy that gives us the strength and clarity to fulfill our missions. On the inside of The Triangle, we pull back from that same fear which then victimizes us and causes anxiety, pessimism and despair.

Like gasoline, dynamite or any other source of energy, when not harnessed and directed, fear can be destructive. When we stop being victimized by our fear, understand its energy and focus it to the accomplishment of our goals, it becomes our friend, helping us become more courageous, clearer and more confident. Life on the outside of The Triangle is an exciting experience of constant rewards, which is how life was designed to be.



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With the courage and clarity to stay outside The Triangle, we find our lives continually renewed and enriched. At each corner of The Triangle we make the choices that empower and set us free.

From Rest: (Be Still and Know Who You Are!)
We discover what our vision is: that thing we may do, be or have that excites and inspires us. We plan the steps (our mission) to that goal. We recruit people to our support team. We decide our next step.

From Change: (Dare to Grow!)
It is we, not our surroundings that must change in order to accomplish our visions. Changing our self identity always arouses fear, a gift of Great Spirit that can empower us to success. We take the risk of changing our identities from the dreamers of, to the masters of, our visions. We know that to stay grounded when things get tough will require staying focused on our visions. When we feel overwhelmed by the changes in and around us, we remind ourselves that things are in a natural state of evolution because we are working our mission. We know these changes are not just for us, but that, in growing, we are making a contribution to the world around us.

From Win: (Choose Joy!)
As winners, Self-Love is the path we follow. Only when we are secure in our self-worth can the new level of identity as a worthy and powerful person be anchored. Now we must mentally affirm each step clearly and as many times as necessary to really feel these changes anchoring within us: “I am loved, I am blessed, I am safe, I am free.”


At each corner the choice is either to stay outside The Triangle, growing in joy, or to allow our self-doubts to drive us inside where fear becomes a dread that eats away our power and self-esteem and leaves us feeling helpless and abandoned.

At Rest we may decide the path of discovery is too threatening. So we slip inside into Avoidance, which soon becomes Boredom which includes: I am hiding from truth, feeling numb, being bored and am boring.

At Change, we may feel overwhelmed by fear and choose not to take a risk. Fear turns to Anxiety. From there we soon move into Paralysis, which includes: tiredness, loneliness, helplessness, and a refusal to face reality.

At Win, we may feel that we don’t deserve Self-Love and so fall into Unworthiness which soon leads to Guilt and Shame, which includes such feelings as: I failed again, I am not enough, I can’t do anything right and I’m blaming others.

An interesting fact is that inside The Triangle we no longer need to make choices; they are all made automatically for us until we decide to break out. As if pulled by gravity, we descend a path of Avoidance, Boredom, Unworthiness, Guilt and Shame, Anxiety, Paralysis and then into an ever more demoralizing Avoidance. Until we decide to break out, this cycle pulls us deeper and deeper into its darkness, destroying our willpower and allowing us to become victims, addicts and criminals; roles most of us have played at one time or another. Until we decide to change, to get a vision, take risks and begin moving up toward the Light, our lives will continue this descent, and we will grow steadily smaller and smaller.


" Mastery of Trask’s Triangle is taught in-depth in Living Free Seminars I and II and has become a favorite training and self-coaching tool for athletes, performers, spiritual masters, business and government leaders around the world. In order to help people create fuller, more effective lives, and break the mental habit of becoming victims, The Triangle is often laid either into or upon a floor or garden walk. There, people may walk around the outside path while repeating each step aloud until the outside of The Triangle becomes the natural path of their everyday lives.


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