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"Where Does My Donation Go?

For thirty years ARAS projects have been saving and renewing lives. Whether it is a terminal patient in distress or a homeless family in need of food and shelter, ARAS was there with volunteers, funding, and referrals to help and to heal. We have provided personal empowerment programs for hundreds, thousands of bikes for poor African Villagers, food and clothes for thousands of Americans and tons of groceries to Food Banks. Every day ARAS is moving our world closer to one that works for everyone.

Your donation will help us:

Erase Poverty:

ARAS helps organize programs every year, through which thousands of underprivileged people and their families are treated to free wardrobes of clothing, groceries, books, toys, massages, chiropractic adjustments and haircuts.

Promote Literacy:

The ARAS Literacy Campaign collects and delivers thousands of books, videos, and other educational materials to those in poverty as well as to prison inmates and their families.

Teach For Success:
We know a lack of Clarity, Courage and Confidence are direct reasons for chronic poverty and oppression. Bob Trask Programs are legendary for their effectiveness in expanding minds and uplifting the lives of people ranging from CEOs of international corporations and professional athletes to teenagers in poor neighborhoods. These courses, by developing Clarity, Courage and Confidence, are expanding the lives of millions from all walks of life.

Promote International Aid:
ARAS has, for 25 years, been making important improvements in the lives of people in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, The Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and China. Our value is not only through training programs, but also through our donations to orphanages as well as the collecting and preparing hundreds of new and used bicycles for poverty villages in Africa and other countries where lack of transportation deprives families from jobs and schools.

Create Volunteer Programs:
Maintaining a strong volunteer program is essential to the health of any community, especially for children and teens who discover how much their contributions enrich those less fortunate than they. Because we understand the value that comes from community service, we constantly train volunteers and provide volunteer opportunities through ARAS projects and the valuable projects of other organizations.

We are ARAS, and your help can make a world of difference!

To help bring new hope and life to those in need, you may send your tax-deductible check to:
The ARAS Foundation - 2950 Newmarket St #101-252 - Bellingham WA 98226

We also accept donations via PayPal (where you can use Visa, Mastercard, or a PayPal account) We can also accept donations via bank-transfers or other types of donations such as those listed below.
For these options please email or call 360-366-8421.

Your information is absolutely secure with ARAS.

Other ways to Donate:
  • Tribute & Memorial Donations: Weddings, Anniversaries and Birthdays are best celebrated with a donation to help feed a family. Memorials are special too; an respectable way to honor a loved one is through a gift to the good work of ARAS. We acknowledge every contribution with a grateful letter to whomever you designate. Please remember: All donations are tax-deductible.

  • Your donation of an unused car, boat, real estate, jewelry, stocks or other properties will help contribute to the work of ARAS. That ring or pendant might feed a hungry child!

  • You can donate a bike you no longer use, or contribute money or time to the African Bike Project to greatly enrich the life of a poor family in Africa or elsewhere in the world!


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