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  Three Books and a DVD by Bob Trask

Bob Trask is a Master Sea Captain, SCUBA Diving Instructor, Wilderness Guide, Professional Chef, Forester, Emergency Medical Technician, Actor, Singer, Comedian, Counselor, Seminar Designer and Presenter, Keynote Speaker and Minister. Though it seems impossible that one person could master all those crafts, this man has been, and his life's story is, a testament to his life's adventures. Whether it was saving lives in an ambulance, fighting forest fires or speaking before an audience, Bob Trask has always reached for the highest in himself and supported the highest in those he worked with. He has been a teacher, healer, and lover of all of nature's children for sixty years. He is personal success coach to several world leaders and many spiritual seekers around the world.

Romancing The Soul Hardcover

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Romancing the Soul
Romancing the Soul

"This amazing nonreligious mind-spirit synthesis is so clearly written, so simply described, it becomes the foundation for Trask’s Triangle, the core of this book and of his life’s work. Developed over thirty years, in the lives of thousands of people, Trask’s Triangle has become a daily guide for families, businesses, performers, leaders and athletes around the world who are determined to be, do, and have all of their dreams. Bob Trask teaches that we must discover and follow our life’s divine missions before we can fulfill our lives. Romancing The Soul shows, step by step, exactly how to harness the power of the Universe to that very mission. The techniques in this book are already creating lives of personal freedom and success for people throughout the world. Now, presented in Trask’s enjoyable and thought-provoking style, those techniques have become ours. Read Romancing The Soul and read it again; your life will be renewed every day.”
Richard T. Robertson, Ph.D. Professor and Chair, Anatomy and Neurobiology, UC Irvine

God’s Phone Number
Paperback $12.95
Published 1988, this work remains a favorite of many readers. The adventure begins in the midst of a furious hurricane at sea where Bob Trask, as captain, is fighting to save his crew and passengers. His spiritual awakening in the fury of the storm was the inspiration for this book and was the birth of Bob Trask’s work of teaching self-empowerment to the world. Through research and logic, Trask makes clear that God is connected with us every day in every way, not as a man figure, but as Great Spirit, alive and present in each of our lives. Trask’s research shows irrefutable evidence that Jesus taught only love, faith and forgiveness. God’s Phone Number is also available in Portuguese in Brazil.

Living Free
Published 1982 and now out of print, excellent second hand copies of Living Free are available on Living Free was also published in Spanish and Portuguese.



Mastering Relationships
DVD $12.95
For three memorable days in a beautiful wilderness lodge in the Pacific Northwest, Bob Trask met with a small group of people seeking to enhance their relationships. In this video we find Bob dealing with the matters that affect marriages, families and partnerships and, in one scene, counseling those suffering from personal loss. The tools are all here for fulfilling any relationship no matter how troublesome. This beautifully filmed video will long be treasured and must be shared with others.

Save by ordering all three: God’s Phone Number, Romancing The Soul and Mastering Relationships for only $35 plus S&H.:

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