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To show our community pride ARAS has become involved with the Adopt A Highway Road Clean Up Program. If you are 15 years or older and would like to join us 2 – 3 times a year for a couple of hours in keeping the Rte 202 Redmond/Sammamish community beautiful and litter free, please contact Shari Newton at [See photos below.]


Tent City is always in need of: hand sanitizer, duct tape, tarps, sleeping bags, blankets, Theraflu, cold meds, Tums and AAA batteries. If you would like to donate these things to Tent City. Please contact Elizabeth Maupin for location information.


The ARAS African Bike Drive is held in the spring in Sammamish at which time used bikes and bikes parts will be needed along with volunteers to help prepare the bikes for shipment to Ghana and Sierra Leone Africa. Consider organizing a used bike collection event at your school, neighborhood, work or place of worship. Volunteers with trucks are also needed to pick up donations before the event. Please contact Mary Trask at 360-366-8421 or send an email to for location and dates.

The ARAS Team is always looking for volunteers who enjoy interior decorating and would like to help prepare the ARAS apartment at the Y Villages in Redmond WA when a new transitional family moves in. Contact Jill Logie to assist with this project at


ARAS promotes literacy by donating thousands of books each year to families in need, tent city residents and social service agencies who share these written treasures with their clients. If you have children’s books or novels that your family no longer needs, please consider donating them to our Promoting Literacy Program. Please contact Mary Trask at 360-366-8421 or send an email to .

All eastside cities around the Seattle area are involved in a month long food drive each autumn. If you would like to volunteer please contact the City of Sammamish to find out how you can participate. This is a great volunteer group project.


The Harvest Festival has changed to become the Hope Festival. It is now being held in Feb and run by Tyler Zangaglia. In Feb 2016 Tyler along with hundreds of volunteers prepared the event and served eastside families in need. It was a huge success and he did an amazing job. To see the Hope Festival 2016 go to:
Many volunteers are needed to serve donated clothes, books, and groceries to families in need. If you are a licensed hair stylist or massage therapist please consider donating your talent to this day of giving. To volunteer please contact: 


ARAS Adopt a Highway

Success Coaching

Bob Trask conducts weekly success coaching sessions; both individually and with groups on conference calls and webinars. Participants receive tools and materials that help them as they are guided through the process to their visions. Bob believes we each are here with a divine mission to fulfill, that unless we discover it and get busy, our lives cannot be fulfilled and will be much more a struggle than they need be. Write to Bob at for more information.

Current Lean On Me Projects:

 ARAS Bike Project

 Annual Hope Festival

The Lean On Me Program; founded by Mary Trask

In the winter of 2002, Lean On Me was created to fulfill a twofold vision:
1. To help those most in need.
2. To facilitate the spirit of community volunteerism.

Every year thousands of volunteer hours serve dozens of important projects under the inspiration and guidance of the ARAS Lean On Me Program.

At Risk-Homeless Teen Meals and Adult Tent City Meals

Contact Mary Trask at for dates and to find out what donated food items are needed for the meals. Servers are welcomed.



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