The red-tailed hawk has been the ARAS totem for thirty years. In her magnificence she floats serenely on the sky, and we soar up there with her, calmed by her stillness and inspired by her vision. Always the red-tail is there, reminding us that effectiveness relies on staying calm and above our problems.

""The tallest we ever stand is when bending to lift someone who has fallen.”                                                                                              
Mary Trask

ARAS projects and programs are lifelines to people around the world. Whether it is a terminal patient in distress or a homeless family in need of food and shelter, ARAS is there with volunteers, funding, and referrals to help and to heal. Over the years we have conducted personal-empowerment workshops, provided several thousand bikes for poor African villagers, and presented full wardrobes of clothes, books and groceries to thousands of struggling people and their families at our annual Harvest Festival. ARAS supports many other organization’s projects through volunteer assistance. Every year ARAS gives communities the tools and resources to change the journey from surviving to thriving. Because we understand the value that comes from community service, we constantly guide volunteers, providing them opportunities through the worthy projects of ARAS and other organizations.

Plainly speaking however, in order to continue our work, we need money. Companies such as Microsoft give ARAS matching funds for employee donations and employee volunteer time. Please ask if your employer will match your contribution. Also, when giving through United Way, you may designate that your United Way donation goes to the work of The ARAS Foundation. Please, consider today, a tax-exempt gift to the ARAS Foundation. We love doing what we do and need your help to keep these projects active:

Dealing with Poverty:
ARAS helps organize programs every year, through which thousands of underprivileged people and their families are treated to free wardrobes of clothing, groceries, books, toys, massages, chiropractic adjustments and haircuts.

Promoting Literacy:
The ARAS Literacy Campaign collects and delivers thousands of books, videos, and other educational materials to those in poverty as well as to prison inmates and their families.

Teaching for Success:
We know a lack of Clarity, Courage and Confidence are direct reasons for chronic poverty and oppression. Bob Trask Programs are legendary for their effectiveness in expanding minds and uplifting the lives of people ranging from CEOs of international corporations and professional athletes to teenagers in poor neighborhoods. These courses, by developing Clarity, Courage and Confidence, are expanding the lives of millions from all walks of life.

International Aid:
ARAS has, for 25 years, been making important improvements in the lives of people in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, The Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and China. Our value is not only through training programs, but also through our donations to orphanages as well as the collecting and preparing hundreds of new and used bicycles for poverty villages in Africa and other countries where lack of transportation deprives families from jobs and schools.

Volunteer Programs
Maintaining a strong volunteer program is essential to the health of any community, especially for children and teens who discover how much their contributions enrich those less fortunate than they. Because we understand the value that comes from community service, we constantly train volunteers and provide volunteer opportunities through ARAS projects and the valuable projects of other organizations.

“We are ARAS—with us you can make a world of difference!”


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